Personal Injury

Our personal injury team has handled thousands of cases covering the full spectrum of injuries.   We use our many decades of legal experience to help those unfortunate people who have sustained life-altering injuries and losses.

We cover all forms of personal injury, including: accidents on the road, pedestrian accident,  injuries at work, wrongful death, construction accidents, motorcycle accidents, falls and liability. We also have a lengthy history with all types of negligence claims along with many successful jury verdicts.

We use our experience and determination to guide us through the challenging process of obtaining the just compensation our clients are entitled to. Our lawyers have several multimillion-dollar cases to their names, including a $3.6 million dollar settlement for a man crushed in a construction accident a $2.6 million verdict of medical malpractice (failure to diagnose prostate cancer) and a $1.9 million settlement for a pedestrian/motor vehicle accident.

We should be involved in a personal injury claim early so as to conduct a full and thorough investigation. Too often, insurance companies begin investigating and minimizing their exposure immediately on notice of a claim. We want to become involved quickly to counteract the insurance company’s efforts and make sure all our client’s rights are protected and they get the maximum recovery they deserve.

We make certain that our clients have the ability to collect fair and reasonable compensation for their injuries.

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Success Stories

LAW partner Charles Arnold successfully represented an individual that was nearly crushed to death by falling construction equipment. The injuries included compartment syndrome, crush injuries, surgery and traumatic brain injury. The case was incredibly complex and led to several years of litigation in State Supreme Court before it was successfully settled.

LAW Partner Charles M. Arnold represented a 23-year old pedestrian who suffered multiple broken bones, surgeries and permanent neurological injury.  The case involved an intersection collision involving a NYPD vehicle and a private van.  The victim, a pedestrian, was completely innocent walking to the subway with the traffic lights.  The case was nevertheless quite challenging due to the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law provisions granting police vehicles special privileges and requiring injured plaintiffs to show recklessness.  However, due to Mr. Arnold’s extensive knowledge of NY Vehicle and Traffic Law and tireless investigation of every detail of the accident, the defendants were still forced to settle the case before trial.

LAW partner Charles M. Arnold represented a federal law enforcement officer who sustained career-ending injuries in a motor vehicle accident at JFK airport.   LAW attorney, Charles M. Arnold, successfully represented this client after another firm initially handling the claim recommended acceptance of an unfair, inadequate settlement offer in the amount of $100,000.  Mr. Arnold thereafter commenced suit in federal court.  He litigated the entire case and negotiated a substantially higher settlement in lieu of a federal court trial.

LAW successfully represented a deli and bakery manager for a major NYC food chain who was seriously injured when a NYC sanitation truck hit the car she was riding in from behind.  The client was left unable to return to the job she loved and faced significant future limitations due to her injuries.  Liability was established before trial, necessitating only a trial to determine the extent of her damages.  LAW attorneys, Charles M. Arnold and James M O’Connor successfully negotiated a fair and reasonable settlement just prior to trial with the City of New York in the amount of $1.5 million dollars.

A young, autistic adult was struck by an automobile while crossing the road to get to work one morning.  He suffered serious head injuries and required extensive surgery and treatment.  Despite the fact that the client had no memory of the accident LAW attorneys Charles M. Arnold and James O’Connor were able to build a strong case of negligence on the part of the driver of the automobile.  The case settled for a fair and reasonable amount only after all investigations and discovery was complete and the case was set to go to trial in Nassau County a venue notoriously difficult for personal injury plaintiffs.

LAW partner Charles M. Arnold successfully tried a case in Manhattan against the City of New York, ConEdison, and American Transit Insurance Company (NYC Taxi insurance carrier).   The case involved a New York City taxicab, carrying two passengers, that crashed into concrete “jersey barriers” placed in the roadway outside of a ConEdison facility on W66th Street.  Despite the fact that both innocent passengers sustained serious injuries, the defendants fought the case through trial.  LAW attorney Charles M. Arnold successfully obtained a judicial finding of liability against all three defendants in the appellate court.  He thereafter tried the case to verdict in Manhattan obtaining a jury verdict just shy of $1 million.

In New York County Supreme Court, after inquest trial, Plaintiff was awarded the amount of $853,177 arising from a trip and fall accident in the vestibule of her apartment building where she suffered a left ankle injury with impingement, a left foot Hallux valgus deformity and a post traumatic right knee chondral injury.  The defendants attempted to avoid the claim through default and LAW partner Frank P. Winston collected the entire judgment for the client.

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